I’m Mechatronics Engineer by professional with solid understanding of Mechatronics and Embedded system(Edge computing). Also Full stack Python Developer with experience in AI ( CV, NLP, NLU, and Machine Learning) for almost 3 years. 

I’m self taught Python developer, Learning Python was one of the best decision I ever made, It changed how saw programming totally since then I have been spending mostly of my time in this  new world and able to make countless accomplishment that I never thought I will be able  to.

I made this blog to any newbies or experienced programmer who want to sharpen their Python skills, I will be posting how to implement algorithms and project in Python, and every-code of the project will be available totally free.

I will be covering a variety of Topics including Data structure and Algorithms, Web scraping , Desktop Application , Data Visualization , Machine Learning and many more stay tuned 

Incase of anything Don’t hesitate to contact us through out contact page