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On this tutorial We will build a Simple Python Program to check If you’re eligible or not eligible to vote based on on age factor

We are going to check whether a person age is above or below 18 , If the the person age is below he/she is not eligible to vote and vice verse

Program Instructions summary

  • Getting user’s age
  • Checking If user’s age is below or above 18
  • If age is below 18 he/she is not eligible and vice verse


#Getting user's age
age = int(input('Enter your age : '))

#Checking if age is below 18 
if age<18:
    print('you\'re not eligible to vote')
    print('you\'re eligible to vote')

Running our Program

kalebu@kalebu-PC:~$ python3 vote.py 
Enter your age : 19
you're eligible to vote
kalebu@kalebu-PC:~$ python3 vote.py 
Enter your age : 16
you're not eligible to vote

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