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On this tutorial I will guide you on how to build a simple Python Program for finding simple interest.

Note :
This is for beginners so even if you’ve never done python before , you can finish this tutorial.

Program Instructions summary

In order to instruct our program to find simple interest value, we need to know the principal amount, the rate of interest and the time period.

  • Getting the value of principal amount from user
  • Getting the value of rate of interest from user
  • Getting the value of time period from user
  • Calculating simple interest from it’s general formula
  • Displaying the value of simple interest to screen

We are going to input all three parameters as float values (real values )


Running our Program

kalebu@kalebu-PC:~$ python3 Simple_interest.py 
Enter Princal Amount: 5000
Enter Rate of Interest: 20
Enter Time period: 3
The value of simple interest is  3000.0

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